Groups Associated with the Chiapas Project

Oakwood School

Women of Corn in Resistance [in Spanish only]
General statement –
Groups –
Correspondence –

U.S.-Mexico Solidarity Network

Concern America: an international development and refugee aid organization

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation

Mercado La Paloma

Groups within Chiapas

Center of Economic and Political Investigations of Community Action (CIEPAC, A.C.) [in English and Spanish]
Publications –
Research and analysis on the economic, social, and military situation in Chiapas in its national and international context (founded in 1998).

Social and Economic Development for the Indigenous of Mexico (DESMI)
Correspondence –
Jorge Santiago, Director. DESMI has worked for over 30 years with 240 indigenous communities throughout the state of Chiapas.
“The Solidarity Economy” (from Si Uno Come, Que Todos Coman, by Alma Cecilia Omana and Jorge Santiago Santiago):

The Civilian Link (Enlace Civil) [in Spanish]
Works directly with indigenous communities in resistance through educational and agricultural projects, as well as providing national and international observation in communities.

The Chiapas Media Project [in English]
This includes a list of videos available in English subtitles.

Human Rights Center: Fray Bartolome de Las Casa, A.C.
Promotes and defends human rights, giving priority to victims who find themselves marginalized as a result of their poverty (founded in 1989 by the bishop of Chiapas, Don Samuel Ruiz Garcia).

Information and Documents about Chiapas and the Zapatistas

Chiapas Independent Media Center
 [in Spanish and English]

ZNet Chiapas Watch – translated writings of the EZLN, analysis of the conflict and of connections with other struggles.

Global Exchange

Chiapas and the Zapatista Rebellion: documents, communiqués and images from 1994 to the present. [in English]

EZLN communiqués [in English]


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