You Can Help

Support Oakwood Chiapas Project Events

We offer purses, shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses, pants, belts, tablecloths and hangings, placemats, jewelry and much else from the Women of Corn in Resistance at different locations in Los Angeles during the year: the Oakwood Boutique and the Oakwood Fair, the North Hollywood Arts Festival, Big Sunday at Temple Israel, Oakwood School theatrical and musical productions. Please look on the Home page for upcoming events; a catalog of products will be available shortly.

Let Us Know of Possibilities

Please contact us if (1) you sponsor an event at which we could display and offer these handmade artisan products, (2) you know of a festival or conference or school activity/fair where we might do this – with photographical displays and informational pamphlets, or (3) you know of a store which might be willing to work out, independently, a relationship with the Women of Corn in Resistance, to sell their products.

Host a Chiapas Party.   For fifteen years, Oakwood parents have invited friends and neighbors to weekend afternoon or evening get-togethers at their homes. The Chiapas Project provides photographs, informational material, a wonderful short video of an autonomous school (filmed by the villagers through the Chiapas Media Project), students who can speak of their experiences in Chiapas and the situation there. Guests give donations in exchange for artisan products from the Women of Corn in Resistance.

Work with the University Project

If you are a student or faculty member at a college or university, and would like to distribute artisan products from Roberto Barrios, Morelia and Oventic – along with informational material – at your campus, please contact us.

Please Donate

For the first three years the Women of Corn in Resistance project was funded by the Agostino Foundation, in New York City, and Rights Action.  Concern America has paid the full-time salary of one advisor since the training courses began in 1999. After 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, and now the war in Iraq, funding for development projects in Latin America has become increasingly difficult to obtain.  Our 2002 budget of $25,000 was not approved in full, and the 2003 budget was partially met only by private fund-raising efforts in Los Angeles. The project reduced some of its services, the women met less frequently, but the work continued.

Until more funding arrives there are no prospects of their meeting regularly, to discuss their business and to receive training – in design, stitching, and dyeing techniques, and in finance and computer use. Since there is less funding for the gathering of the cooperatives in San Cristobal, Carmen spends her time traveling to the communities and giving workshops to individual cooperatives.

On behalf of the Women of Corn in Resistance, who are in fact working towards financial self-sufficiency, we ask that you support this project with a donation – as much as you can provide in these difficult times — so that the cooperatives can continue to meet and run their business together.

Tax-deductible contributions may be sent to:

Mexico-U.S. Solidarity Network

3460 W. Lawrence Ave.

Chicago, Illinois 60625

[For identification purposes, please put “Women of Corn” on your checks.]